The Lady Afterwards

Myriad Investigations await in an underworld of secret histories and occultism. 1920’ Alexandria is the setting for this immersive Table-Top Role Playing Game, produced in partnership with Weather Factory.

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Audience: 12+ (Family Friendly)

Duration: Play time varies

Players: 2-8 Occult Investigators

Experience: Tabletop roleplaying game


In partnership with Weather Factory, The Lady Afterwards is a boxed TTRPG (Table-Top Role Playing Game) for 2-8 players set in 1920s Alexandria.

Uncover a world of mystery and occultism with the help of a few friends! This tabletop game is set in the world of the Secret Histories, where hidden gods watch over a world of apocalypse, yearning and forbidden arts. It's designed for people who've never played TRPGs / tabletop games before, as well as experienced players.

  • Audience & Difficulty

    The forbidden arts are not something that one should necessarily expose to young minds, lest corruption takes root. But those of the adolescent persuasion (read 12+) may find this world’s secrets worth uncovering. Light puzzling and hidden gods await, the train is ready to depart.

  • Duration

    Experiences vary depending on how your group decides to explore Alexandria. As is the case with many tabletop roleplaying games you might dive right into the heart of things, or else become sidetracked by the intriguing local establishments. Your game runner can pull you back into the action when the time calls for it. It could take one lengthy session or several, a whole campaign is at your doorstep. It’s really up to you.

  • Contents

    Set inside your custom wooden briefcase, ready to be loaded onto the train to Alexandria you will find everything you need to explore the world of Secret Histories.

    For the game runner, a fifty plus page guide provides the setting of 1920s Alexandria rife with secrets and mysteries for your players to discover. Alongside it you’ll find a treasure trove of stamped clues to hand out as their search advances; telegrams, lovers’ notes, photographs and more.

    For the players, a thirty page primer explaining the mechanic and perils of the game, eight customisable double-sided character sheets with personalized questionnaires and connections. As well as eight art deco character pins. Will you play as the detective? The medium? There’s eight unique options to choose from.

    This specially curated edition features additional props, dice, and a 78 card custom tarot deck.

    In addition to all of this you’ll have access to the full digital edition of the game and a carefully curated 1920s playlist to set the mood.

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