What is Mysterious Package?

In a drafty warehouse just outside of Toronto, Canada our team of intrepid explorers, haunted collectors, and burgeoning occultists toil away in worlds of mystery, adventure, and the macabre.

Our Curators, Collectors, and Creators

Our small but passionate studio of storytellers, puzzle-makers, and game designers stave off the madness within by putting together unique experiences, games, and trinkets that will transport you from mundane reality to an adventure that you can unpack right at your dining room table.

    Neil Patrick Harris

    “The coolest thing you can get in your mailbox.”

    Neil Gaiman

    “I love The Mysterious Package Company… and am proud to have sent their packages to easily disturbed friends.”

    Our Products

    Unpack an adventure at your dining room table, living room floor, or the ritualistic altar you just happen to have in your basement. Our original collection of offerings are designed to transport you from your mundane reality into worlds of adventure, science fiction, and horror.



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