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Give yourself that tingling sensation of a mysterious delivery, followed by the deep satisfaction of a mystery solved. After all, you don't need a special occasion to show yourself you care.

Delight Your Friends

An experience from The Mysterious Package Company says, "To me, nothing matters more than your happiness — except maybe your bewilderment, shock and possibly even fear."

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Our resident miscreant is a bit of a gossip and will reveal exclusive discounts, premonitions of future releases, access to wonderful mysteries, and much, much more. Even better: it won't cost you a cent — your soul perhaps, but not a cent.

“I love The Mysterious Package Company and am proud to have sent their packages to easily disturbed friends.”

Neil Gaiman, Member since 2016.
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Bunkum and Balderdash

Have you seen this slanderous footage? It is completely false. A fabrication from a twisted mind. Pay no heed to his warnings — actors are charlatans by trade.

We at the Mysterious Package Company are friendly humans, not at all of the frightening kind. We enjoy telling stories through adventures sent by mail over the course of several weeks; stories of pirates, haunted houses, Egyptian tombs, and dormant sea creatures — to name a few. Send your loved ones the gift of a remarkable, extraordinary journey. Or get it for yourself and add a touch of otherworldliness to your life.