Mysterious Stickers #2

Continue to reduce the mundanity of dull items with another of our fantastic stickers.

We are now very pleased to offer a second set of stickers designed here at The Mysterious Package Company.

Included within are a total of 13 stickers:

  • Five of our gold foil stickers with the distinct emblem of The Mysterious Package Company
  • Two Nightmare Prevention Techniques assistance stickers
  • Two Edison Was a Fraud bumper-style stickers
  • Two Leeches: For Health informational stickers
  • Two Danger: Weird warning stickers
We are also including two of our black-and-gold 1" buttons, perfect for attaching to attire or accessories.
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Dannyn Q. Member since 2016

Our first order—the stickers packet—arrived promptly. When I showed them to my partner, she quite literally shouted "SQUEE!" loud enough to get all 6 (yes, six) dogs barking!