The Demon Jar

There is a secret war being fought by evil forces that seek to subjugate humankind — and those who seek to protect it.


The Daughters of Naamah are the latest in the line of protectors. Their ritual was passed from Celtic Druids to the magicians of Germania, and then to the Benedictines. It's kept one such evil at bay.

It was very warm the day the Daughter arrived at our facility. Nevertheless, there was a chill in the air when the Daughter sat down. Though the sun and the temperature were high, her breath condensed in front of her when she spoke. The caged jar she placed upon the table emanated a strange malevolence.

An intern, drawn to the sinister object for reasons unknown, tried to open it but was quickly scolded by the Daughter. “It stays locked,” she said firmly, striking his hand away sharply with a switch. “Locked.”

The tale she told was enough to assure us that she was right: the cold-rolled steel cage, containing the sealed jar, must remain sealed. There is a demon within it... or part of one, anyway. Carved from one of the possessed, the contents are safely, if tenuously, contained.

As we were guided through the rituals designed to keep the demon at bay, the true purpose of the Daughter's visit became clear. There are a great many jars, and they are no longer safe in the hands of those that kept watch over them for hundreds of thousands of years. Accordingly, we are providing one to you for safekeeping. The dangers, as we understand it, are minimal, just as long as you follow the instructions carefully.

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The Demon Jar is an intense horror experience. It is not appropriate to send to anyone who might be sensitive to disturbing material, and is recommended for those 16 and older. It includes fictional occult rituals and objects, and therefore may not be appropriate for all audiences.


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  • Not for the faint of heart
  • recommended 16+

Elim H. Member since 2013

She enjoyed the adventure (as did I), despite a nightmare or two that may have come her way. The whole experience was expertly executed, and it would be difficult for either of us to be happier with how it turned out.