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The Mysterious Package Company offers you previous crate items, Curios & Conundrums plus exclusive apparel, collectables, curios and more!

Save $155

Curios and Conundrums Volume III

For those who prefer their collections complete, Volume 3 now ships with all Curios, its original packaging, and also includes the newspapers from both Volumes 1 and 2.

Save $999,925.01

Taako’s Correspondence School of Wizardry, Cantrips, & Other Magicks

Schools of Wizardry the world round are known for their exacting standards. Only the most powerful young minds from the noblest families are selected to learn at the most prestigious wizarding schools. Luckily for you — the less discerning enchanter — value-priced options are available.

Save $10

Gods of Madness

Twisted tales and unimaginable collectibles that explore the world of madness in Victorian London.

Save $5

Lost Treasure — Tee Shirt

Save $50

The King in Yellow All-in-One

Creeping out of the shadows, The King in Yellow awakens again. Find yourself the recipient of an unnamed statue and the Yellow Sign. Will you risk your sanity to find the truth? Now available as a single shipment. Limited quantities available.

Save $10

The Brain Butchers

Thought provoking tales and unforgettable collectibles that explore mind control from revenants to espionage.

Save $10

Clockwork Mutineers

Mind-bending tales and space-twisting collectibles that take you on an exploration of time travel.

Save $50

Hunt for the Forgotten Tomb All-in-One

From London to Cairo to the Western Desert of Egypt, a brave adventurer races toward her destiny.

Save $100

The Century Beast All-in-One

It has not been a century yet, but the Beast has returned. History is destined to repeat itself… and engulf those who dig too deeply into its darkest secrets. Now available as a single shipment. Limited quantities available.

Save $50

Curios and Conundrums Volume IV

For those who prefer their collections complete, Volume 4 now ships with all Curios, and its original packaging.

Save $50

Filigree in Shadow

Everyone knows someone who has a haunted house story. Participate in this experience and you’ll join their ranks – for better or worse.

Revealed over the course of three mailings.

Save $30

The Curious Conundrums Kit

As we bid adieu to Curios & Conundrums, we've pulled our most cherished and curious items together from various Volumes for this limited edition Kit

Save $20

The Sticky Loot-bag

They’re so wonderful. I want to share these with the world, BUT NOT BY VANDALIZING PUBLIC PROPERTY!

Save $5

Old Ways is Good Ways — Tee Shirt

This shirt was devised to accompany the creepiest of our Experiences, The Weeping Book. Beware to all who wear it...

Save $10

Countdown to Oblivion

Catastrophic collectibles and suspenseful tales asking the questions in anticipation of the ultimate conclusion.

Save $20

Games Eve Loot-bag

Games. Mostly based around passing blame. Blame Games!

Save $15

The Century Beast Colouring Book

This colouring book has an ancient secret — a story of the ocean that has taken countless lives; a story told by Vikings, by pirates and tales of sea monsters. Don't colour outside the lines.

Save $20

L'Assemblage Loot-bag

Some build skyscrapers of glass and steel while others cabins of wood and mud, but give them each papercraft and we’ll test the true patience of a person.

Save $20

The Gluttony Loot-bag

aka. A Victorian Dinner: A Victorian Breakfast 2

Save $20

MPC Ringer — Tee Shirt

MPC tee created for the 2016 Membership Kit

Save $20

Colours That Kill — Tee Shirt

These dyes will never run! Designed for Gods of Madness, Ch 4.1 of Curios & Conundrums, we think this shirt can stand-up to any butcher

Save $20

Apocalypse Wow Loot-bag

From apocalyptic party planning to surviving as a zombie, we have you covered with this kit guaranteed to chase away the morbs and put a smile on any mutant’s… face?

Save $10

Dead Vikings — Tee Shirt

A limited quantity of The Century Beast tee shirts have been unearthed!

Save $34.99

Pewter Prestige Loot-bag

Three prestige collectibles made of pewter that you can find nowhere else on Earth.

Save $20

Clocks & Typewriters — Tee Shirt

This typographically horological tee was created for our 2015 Membership Kits

Save $20

Pins & Papery Loot-bag I

Collectors items you didn’t even know you wanted!

Save $20

Madness in the Library — Tee Shirt

Created as part of the 2016 Membership kits, this tee will drive you mad

Save $20

Pins & Papery Loot-bag II

Collectors items you didn’t even know you wanted!