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The Mysterious Package Company offers you previous crate items, Curios & Conundrums plus exclusive apparel, collectables, curios and more!

Save $155

Curios and Conundrums Volume III

For those who prefer their collections complete, Volume 3 now ships with all Curios, its original packaging, and also includes the newspapers from both Volumes 1 and 2.

Save $12.50

ARCHIVED Challenge Coin - Taako's Correspondence School of Wizardry, Cantrips & Other Magicks

The only all-in-one source of spell-like protection with the power to repel challenges in the non-wizarding world

Save $999,925.01

Taako’s Correspondence School of Wizardry, Cantrips, & Other Magicks

Schools of Wizardry the world round are known for their exacting standards. Only the most powerful young minds from the noblest families are selected to learn at the most prestigious wizarding schools. Luckily for you — the less discerning enchanter — value-priced options are available.

Save $30

The Curious Conundrums Kit

As we bid adieu to Curios & Conundrums, we've pulled our most cherished and curious items together from various Volumes for this limited edition Kit

Save $20

The Century Beast All-in-One & Colouring Book

It has not been a century yet, but the Beast has returned. History is destined to repeat itself… and engulf those who dig too deeply into its darkest secrets. Now available as a single shipment. Limited quantities available.

Save $15

The Century Beast Colouring Book

This colouring book has an ancient secret — a story of the ocean that has taken countless lives; a story told by Vikings, by pirates and tales of sea monsters. Don't colour outside the lines.