The Weeping Book

Adolescence is a time of great turmoil and change. Each young person writes a new chapter in their lives, as they transition into adulthood. That is when they are most vulnerable to forces from the other side.

During this stretch, some continue the straightforward narratives of their youth. Others decide to change the setting, overhaul the protagonist, or even shift genres completely.

For most, all is not as it seems. The truths of their tales are found between the lines rather than being committed to the page. This is a time of secrets, a time when one often reveals them to a single, trusted friend: a diary. One young teenager, the protagonist of this tale, held a darker secret than most...

The evening that The Weeping Book arrived at our facility is burned into the psyche of all who bore witness. A knock came at our door as the sunset. An intern, startled, answered. At the threshold stood a figure, clad entirely in moss and patchwork. Wordlessly, they proffered the artifact, their gnarled hands swaddled in leather. While it appeared in the hands of a stranger seemingly bearing an unexpected gift, those who were present believe that the object was attempting to wrest itself from the stranger's grasp.

The intern who received the artifact made the mistake of reading a few pages within. Suddenly visibly pale, she collapsed to her knees, tears welling in her eyes, and began what might best be described as speaking in tongues. The patchwork figure was suddenly gone.

Having witnessed the terrifying influence of the artifact firsthand, those present placed the book in a burlap sack, to be analyzed at a later date by our research division.

It was evident that something foul had transpired. We feel that our best opportunity to discover the truth is to share what we have come to know as The Weeping Book. We seek to distribute it to all those willing to offer to help in discovering the tale beneath. Each piece of evidence has been collected together into this single-mailing experience.

It is our hope that you or a close acquaintance will help uncover the truth via careful study of these case materials. There are secrets to discover. Come prepared; without the necessary precautions, something secret may also find you.

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The Weeping Book is a very intense horror experience. It is not appropriate to send to anyone who might be sensitive to disturbing material, and is recommended for those 16 and older. Some recipients have become alarmed enough to contact law enforcement.


  • Crate
  • Reveal


  • ghosts
  • intense horror
  • possession
  • revenge


  • puzzle
  • story


  • Good for fans of horror
  • May be too intense for younger readers
  • recommended 16+

Neil Patrick Harris Actor, and member since 2016

The Weeping Book chilled me to my core. Absolutely stellar in every way.

David D. Member since 2014

The Weeping Book was wonderfully done and eerily convincing. In its way, it's one of the best horror novels of the year!