Tempus Fugit

Truly great people of science never let criticism, doubt, or the irrational forces of emotion interfere with the process of discovery, let alone a breakthrough with the potential to change the course of human history.

No matter the risk to their health or sanity, or the damage done to already tenuous bonds with their loved ones, the harbingers of true progress understand: the future depends on the dedication of great minds.

Science requires the transcendence of emotional attachment in order to achieve the promise of the great unknown. But what of those left behind by the unceasing torrent of progress?

We cannot say with certainty when this magnificent artifact and its accompanying documentation arrived at our facility. A few workers of prolonged tenure recall a cold and curt delivery by hand decades ago, care of an impeccably-dressed attorney-at-law. Other employees have a vivid memory of a young girl no older than 14 conferring a cardboard box laden with ephemera to our receptionist just last summer.

Then there are those employees who believe this artifact is tied to a venerable company legend. A careless apprentice was fervently searching the Archives by gaslight for an artifact he had misplaced. He hoped to recover it before his indolence was discovered and kept searching, well beyond the Witching hour. He was never heard from again. Yet laying on his desk the next morning was the very artifact he sought. Most employees understand this as a parable espousing the virtues of honesty, productivity and keeping a level head in the facility after dark. It is noteworthy and peculiar that the common description of the lost artifact is, detail by detail, the very artifact represented in this Experience.

We dare not reveal too much. The story is told over three mailings and a reveal and offers a new perspective on what we have come to understand is true. This Experience highlights the turmoil of the clash between need and desire: the instinct to simply survive versus the desperate need to do so with the one you love. Most importantly, Tempus Fugit is about the ingenuity of the human spirit as its sender tries to right a mistake and turn back the clock before time runs out.

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Because we hand-craft some elements of our mailings, there is a lead time of 10-15 business days before your shipment leaves our facility.


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  • history
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  • science fiction


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  • recommended 12+

Stacey J. Member since 2015

I received a phone call from my cousin today, shouting in joy that I have been revealed as the sender of the mystery packages they have been receiving.

I could hear my Aunt weeping in the background, overjoyed at the very thought of someone caring enough to make this happen for her.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this happen, your service has been outstanding.