The Ghost In The Machine

In Victorian London's Olbright Cotton Mill, reports of a ghost disrupting the daily function of the Mill have workers on edge. When two men die in the Red Lord, the chaos deepens. We need your help to discover whether it's a vengeful spirit, a corrupt system, or something more sinister altogether.

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Audience: Ages 12+, Families with older Children

Duration: 8+ hours of sleuthing

Players: 1-6 Detectives

Experience: Victorian Murder Mystery


“ I believe I have seen hell,
and it’s white — it is snow white.”
– Elizabeth Gaskell

It is 1896 and Victorian London is in the throes of unparalleled industrial progress and an ever-worsening class divide. Both fuel the Olbright Cotton Mill, where more children than adults toil away in the shadow of a steam-powered beast known as the Red Lord. Meanwhile, the workers have begun to report what they describe as a ghost — swooping out of the shadows to cause all kinds of havoc. When two men — one, the Olbright’s owner — fall to their deaths into the mouth of the Red Lord, the Mill descends into chaos.

Is this the doing of a vengeful spirit, a corrupt and dangerous system — or something far more sinister? By investigating every nook and cranny of the Mill, every crook and nanny in the Waterloo district, it is up to you to uncover the truth, and solve the mystery of The Ghost in the Machine!

Prepare to experience the stories which birthed the intercontinental organization known as the GDA. In this Victorian era tale of tragedy, betrayal, and terror, you must be the one to unravel the threads of fate which led to the tragic end of those souls and the terrible truth of The Ghost in the Machine.

Our Post Mortem games are perfect for fans of classic murder mysteries or modern shows like CSI and Law & Order.

  • Audience & Difficulty

    It may be the era of kids working in the factories and shining shoes on the street corner but we want to be mindful on showing the youth of today too much too soon. That being said, the commissioner doesn’t mind a few young recruits so if you’ve got some eager detectives over the age of twelve we might just make an exception for them. Keep in mind, there’s been a rather gruesome death...

  • Duration

    Detectives, you’re going back in time to when the Global Detective Agency (GDA) was first founded which means this one will be a doozy. We reckon even the most seasoned detectives won’t get through this one in one sitting, unless you’re ready to be all red-eyed and up all night. You’ll probably want to split the case up, revisit your notes at a later day with fresh eyes. Thankfully it’s all set up in a way that makes that quite easy to do. There’s at least eight hours of hard-cutting detective work in the confines of this package. One of our early recruits chased leads up to the twelfth hour. There’s a lot to sort through, and a lot of shady characters who aren’t too fond of the truth. You’ll sniff it out though, won’t you?

  • Contents

    Like our other Post Mortem games, Ghost in the Machine has everything you need to complete your investigation of the gruesome deaths at the Olbright Cotton Mill. The details of the case are contained in two penny blood novels that will help you make sense of the various pieces of evidence, police reports and coroner inquests you’ve collected. The directory will help you get around town, tracking down suspects and following leads. Oh and if you’re stuck you can always call on your trusted informants.

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