“The coolest thing you can get in your mailbox.” - Neil Patrick Harris
“Made me feel like a keen-eyed detective” - NY Times

In a drafty warehouse just outside of Toronto, Canada our team of intrepid explorers, haunted collectors, and burgeoning occultists toil away in worlds of mystery, adventure, and the macabre.

“I love The Mysterious Package Company… and am proud to have sent their packages to easily disturbed friends.”  - Neil Gaiman


Our small but passionate studio of storytellers, puzzle-makers, and game designers stave off the madness within by putting together unique experiences, games, and trinkets that will transport you from mundane reality to an adventure that you can unpack right at your dining room table.


The Mysterious Package Collection
Explore themes of horror, adventure, piracy and more in specially crafted immersive narrative experiences filled with artifacts, trinkets, bloodstained notes, lost journals and more.

The Post Mortem Collection
Play detective in these murder mystery style games. Search for clues, track down leads, and interview suspects as you try to solve the toughest cases on the chief’s desk.

The Curious Correspondence Collection
An escape-room-at-home game where you’ll uncover clues, crack codes and solve puzzles that challenge you, your family and friends. This episodic puzzle adventure makes you the hero of the story.

The Doomensions Collection
Our latest brilliant creation. Step inside this dynamic pop-up environment that serves as an escape room style board game that will test your guile, wits, and ghost hunting prowess.


  • Are those wooden crates really made of real wood?
  • Are they actually nailed shut?
  • How do I open them?
  • Will you help me if I have trouble opening a mysterious package?
  • Is this for real?
  • Are your packages so realistic you’ve been investigated by bomb squads and the NSA?
  • Will you accept this [DUBIOUS CRYPTOCURRENCY/PILFERED GOLD TOOTH/HAUNTED ANTIQUE WHEELCHAIR] as payment for your services?
  • How long does it take to have a package delivered?
  • Are mysterious packages suitable as gifts for children?
  • Who is the Curator?
  • Are you lying?



Really, yes, carefully, no, maybe, absolutely, unfortunately no, a week or two depending on temporal flux anomalies, depends on the package (and the child), you’ll find out, just once.

-The Curator

"You may be wondering if the Mysterious Package Company is a scam, a joke, a trick, a front for some weird cult, or just the coolest thing you can get in your mailbox.
The answer is no, sometimes, sort of, maybe, and absolutely." 
- Neil Patrick Harris