A play that doesn't exist. An audience that didn’t survive. Phantom of Truth Productions is pleased to offer their last ticket for a performance that’s truly out of this World.

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Audience: 18+

Duration: 15+ Hours of Demon Summoning

Players: 1-8 Doomed Souls

Experience: Horror Experience


HASTUR is the crown jewel of our offerings. The fearsome, immersive adventure of a lifetime for those fascinated by horror, the dark arts, demonology, and Lovecraft. This story spans centuries, crosses universes, and will test the bounds of your sanity. Scour through cryptic documents, listen for the dissonant whispers, and find secret messages that may or may not be written in blood. You will need to use all of your strength to withstand the ochre madness – at least long enough to save us all. Or perhaps you’ll serve us up to the evil that dwells in the space between the stars.

  • Audience & Difficulty

    Fighting for your sanity is not for the faint of heart, nor the young of age. Whether you dare to unpack this crate alone or with other foolish souls is up to you. The occult rituals and befuddling puzzles contained within are better left to those ages eighteen and above.

  • Duration

    Few have had the mental fortitude to complete a 15+ hour Hastur sitting, even though the contents of this crate can often make it difficult to fall asleep at night. You’ll likely want to try and recuperate between exposures to the ocre madness.

  • Contents

    Packaged in a rickety wooden crate you’ll find the remnants of that horrible play, the whispers of what happened, and everything you need to stop what’s coming. If you decide that humanity is worth saving. You’ll need to scour through hastily scribbled notes, weathered scrolls, cryptic messages, artifacts of the occult, and other unsettling items and documents to put this story back in order to uncover the truth of what happened here.

    Our Immersive Crates are designed to be an all encompassing narrative experience that unfolds through a series of documents, notes, and various tactile artifacts and items. They can be enjoyed together or as a solo experience, in one sitting (a potentially long one) or many.

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