Death Match

The door of the El Santo Niño church flies open, and two shotgun blasts echo through the hall. Horrified witnesses report a gunman wearing a red cape and mask. Now El Angel Rojo, champion luchador and hero of Chavez Ravine, sits in a jail cell downtown, charged with double murder.

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Audience: 12+, Families with older kids

Duration: 3+ hours of sleuthing

Players: 1 -6 Detectives

Experience: Noir Murder Mystery


“Don’t you know that a midnight hour comes when everyone has to take off his mask? Do you think life always lets itself be trifled with? Do you think you can sneak off a little before midnight to escape this?” - Søren Kierkegaard

As an auxiliary investigator at the Global Detective Agency, it’s up to you to venture into the wild world of Lucha Libre, where heroes and villains alike keep their true identities hidden. Is the Red Angel truly a demon in disguise? Or are there more powerful and malevolent forces at play, here in the valley of death?

Our Post Mortem games are deeply narrative-driven and chock-full of puzzles, clues, intrigue and complex problem-solving. They’re perfect for fans of classic murder mysteries or modern shows like CSI and Law & Order, and they’re suitable for either a solo or group activity.

In the world of Post Mortem, you’ve been recruited as a detective to help solve some of the toughest and most intractable cases that come across the Chief’s desk. We’ve given you everything you need. We know you can do it. Can’t you?

  • Audience & Difficulty

    Hey Detective, over here. Minimum age on this case should be twelve or so, we like to start em’ young but not too young. Murder ain’t exactly suitable for the kiddos, and there may be a few allusions to sinister behavior that we don’t want to be corrupting the youth with, alright? Else wise this one’s good for you crime procedural junkies or true crime aficionados. You can solve it alone or you can get the whole department on the case, that’s up to you. It’s a full on murder mystery, an active case that needs your help solving. There’s a few puzzles in there but for the most part you’ll be using your powers of deduction to figure out if our prized luchador is also our murderer. Think you can figure it out?

  • Duration

    This is a case you can work through at your own pace. Chief hasn’t given any deadlines so if you need to set your notes down for a while and come back to it that’s perfectly fine. Just make sure you are actually keeping notes, wouldn’t want you to have to go all the way back to the beginning. I mean you can, nothing’s stopping you, but that’s not really detective work is it? Anyway, you stick at it long enough and you’ll find the whole thing will probably take you two-three hours, maybe a little less if you’re a seasoned detective.

  • Contents

    Post Mortem games are deeply narrative-driven and chock-full of puzzles, clues, intrigue and complex problem-solving. Your case file will come with everything that a sleuth needs to solve a murder. Witness statements, autopsy reports, crime scene photos, a few key pieces of evidence that you’ll have to find along the way, and the whole story unfolds from the pages of a penny blood novel that you navigate your way through. There’s choices to be made, leads to track down, suspects to clear, and a murderer doesn’t need a Luchador’s mask to hide themselves in plain sight.

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