Curios & Conundrums Codex

rosswor Hints

Why don’t any of my answers fit the puzzle?
There is some trickery afoot!
The title of the puzzle contains a clue.
All of the answers are missing either their first or last letter.

Where do I apply the puzzle rule? Are all Across and Down clues consistent?
No, some answers are missing their first letters, and some are missing their last letters. Their direction is unimportant.

Can you help me get started?
As with any crossword puzzle, a great place to start is with the fill-in-the-blank clues. You should be confident in at least a few of those answers — the trick is to figure out how those answers fit the rule.

How do I get the answer?
Once you have completed the crossword (or just enough of it), scramble the letters that might appear in the circles to find the answer.

Some of these circles refer to multiple letters, allowing me to get multiple answers.
That’s technically true, but only one of those possible words is commonly used, and fits the theme of the puzzle.
The answer is not “flond.”
Come on, “flond”?

Click the squares below to reveal the letters in their correct positions: