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Timey Wimey Stuff

How do I solve this puzzle?
The answer to the puzzle is 10 letters long.
There are letters along the middle of the timeline — one letter per event. These are probably the letters that will form the answer word.
There are 23 letters (and accompanying events) in the puzzle. That means that only some of these letters are important.
How do we figure out which 10 of the 23 letters matter?
The answer must lie in what’s written in the events.
There might be an order to the letters/events.
And an order requires numbers.
The event dates have numbers…
…but they’re all over the place.
Do the event descriptions have numbers in them?
Some of them do.
A particular number of them do.
Ten of them do.
Find the numbers (“one,” “two,” “three”) in their order of appearance in the different event descriptions, and collect the associated letters from the middle of the timeline.

Hover to reveal how to find each of the letters in the answer word.

Letter #1
“King Leo promotes one Jamal...”

Letter #2
1993 “Two teens survive an earthquake…”

Letter #3
November 25, 3978 “Three astronauts survive.”

Letter #4
2010 “Four debaucherous men…”

Letter #5
December 13, 1996 “killing five billion people worldwide”

Letter #6
October 1969 “...wife and six-year-old son.”

Letter #7
February 2 1993 “Shortly after 7am…”

Letter #8
July 4, 1986 “...after an eight-year disappearance.”

Letter #9
October 1929 “...falls 29 storeys to his death.”

Letter #10
March 1975 “...over 10 thousand people…”

What are the ten letters in the answer word?

I have some letters! The right ones, I think!
Unscramble the jumble of letters to find the 10-letter answer word. If you have the correct ten letters, there is only one 10-letter English word those letters can form.