Let the nightmares begin…

It’s no surprise that we at The Mysterious Package Company consider Halloween the most wonderful time of the year, and this year we want to share with you all the wonder and mystery the season brings in a uniquely MPC way.

Four of our most popular experiences, including one previously retired series, are laying in wait for you to discover, toil over and ultimately master. From possessions to haunted houses, you’ll find one that resonates with you or the lucky (?) person you are shopping for. 

Be warned: these experiences aren’t for the faint of heart!

The Weeping Book

Best suited for those with resilient spirits and an undying thirst for the occult, this is by far the scariest of all our experiences – we’ve heard rumours that some recipients have gone so far as to have their book exorcised.

Contains one main shipment and a reveal sent a week later.

Filigree in Shadow

Everyone knows someone who has a haunted house story. Participate in this experience and you’ll join their ranks – for better or worse.

Revealed over the course of three mailings.