Death in Mysterious Circumstances - Post Mortem

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Death in Mysterious Circumstances - Post Mortem

After the murder, like parades of Fools,

The bungling supernumeraries come,

Sniffing at footprints, looking under rugs,

Prodding the dead man with prehensile tools.

- David Wagoner "Murder Mystery”

Perhaps you have acquired an abundance of rivals throughout the course of your life.

Some pray for your downfall, others wish you misfortune, and a few might even want you dead.

In the event you are brutally murdered in cold blood by your enemy, we shall walk you through the journey your lifeless body will experience. I’ll leave the details of your death to linger in the darkest part of your imagination.

Once you take your last gasp of air, you will enter the first stage of death, which is referred to as clinical death. This is when your heart stops beating and the blood, once rapidly pulsating through your veins, comes to a halt. There is a brief window of opportunity for resuscitation at this stage, but to your dismay, (and ultimate demise) — and your murderer’s relief, you are slowly dying alone.

Around five minutes later your neurons will cease to activate the brain, cutting off blood supplies delivering oxygen and glucose. When brain cells begin to die and your mind shuts down, you enter biological death. This stage has no return. You are officially deceased.

If your lifeless body is found, there might be a few tears shed and hysterical shrieks. Once the chaos diminishes, your body is taken away to have a post-mortem performed.

The aim of a post-mortem is to determine the cause of death. If your body is examined and speculations of criminal activity arise, it may be ruled to have occurred under suspicious circumstances. Your body will then be transported to a forensic pathologist for further investigation. That is, assuming they care enough to file your death as suspicious. A lot of times deaths are ruled as suicides, to save time.

If you are fortunate enough to have a detective who is truly devoted to the restoration of order stumble upon your case, they will continue to seek justice for you and your family, even if it costs them the price of their safety...or sanity.

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