Vulcan Dragon

Stories of dragons have long been relegated to the realm of legend and fantasy, yet we have evidence to the contrary. In partnership with the Global Cryptozoological Society, we are now ready to share this evidence with all who have an interest in these formidable cryptids.

Hark! And learn, my friends,
Of hunters who met tragic ends…

A story told to children at night,
To fill their little hearts with fright:
A group of men sought ancient beasts,
Packed their swords and headed east,
Only one of whom returned
Bearing scars of a lesson learned:
“Beware the fierce and fatal talon
Ye who hunts the Vulcan Dragon”.

We know they existed, at least once upon a time. Beautiful, giant, serpentine creatures that flew and breathed fire into the night. Millennia ago, young hunters, for glory or for profit, would venture into the wilderness in search of dragons to slay. 

Yet as their numbers waned, the hunters turned their interest to more academic pursuits. They began conducting research into their former prey, giving birth to what is now referred to as cryptozoology. Instead of hunting, they collected specimens that the dragons shed naturally, for science as well as profit.

Cryptozoology might have never made it to our time were it not for the valiant efforts of the Global Cryptozoological Society. They secured all known field literature and artifacts before they could be lost to time or ignorance.

As associates of the GCS, we have a vested interest in furthering the future of cryptozoology, and that starts by re-igniting public curiosity for the field. Therefore, with permission from all concerned parties, we are offering humanely sourced trophies from the vaults of this prolific organization. It is our hope that by propagating this research, more people can contribute to the study of creatures long dismissed as the stuff of legend.

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Due to the handmade nature of some of the contents in this experience, Vulcan Dragon has a lead time of 15 business days before it leaves our facility.


  • Crate


  • dragons
  • fantasy


  • story


  • ages 10+