The Lost Treasure of John Augur

They say there is no honour among thieves, and in many cases that is true. In the early 18th century, the most disreputable dregs ever to sail the high seas carry out an impressive heist together.

Two women, and three men: five maps for five pirates, from Europe, Africa, and Asia. They left one of their own marooned on an island. When he was taken away in chains and charged with piracy, the secret of his treasure was lost, seemingly for all time.

Clues stumbled upon centuries later hint to the location of the lost cache of riches... or perhaps they lead to something far more incredible and sinister.

Our attention was drawn to this tale when our researchers stumbled upon a glaring irregularity concerning the record of the death of one John Augur: a man granted clemency for piracy, who then promptly resumed his plundering ways. Authorities in the Bahamas assured us that Augur was captured, tried, and dealt with in the appropriate manner.

But a tip from a treasure-seeker of some repute took us on a hunt of our own. Our search led to important information previously discounted as having no historical significance. The chronicle concerns a consortium of pirates that may have included Augur. It tells a different story; one we believed was too sensational to be true.

We are delighted to say we were proven wrong.

The Lost Treasure of John Augur is an adventure on the high seas set in both the 18th century and in the modern day. It is told over three mailings and a reveal and is ideal for a family to experience together. The tale is revealed through documents, diary entries and maps, and concludes with an artifact that embodies the exploits and excitement of the golden age of piracy.

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  • Document
  • Document
  • Crate
  • Reveal


  • adventure
  • pirates


  • activities
  • epilogue
  • experience
  • Hidden Treasure
  • puzzle
  • story


  • ages 7+

Lewis G. Member since 2016

Just opened the 3rd mailing of 'The Lost Treasure of John Augur' from @themysteriousco... contents of that box floored me. Truly staggering

Michael F. Member since 2016

I am deeply impressed with the artifact from John Augur; truly a beautiful piece and remarkably well-made.

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