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The King in Yellow All-in-One

A one-night-only performance hides dangerous secrets that have been eluding those who seek to uncover and destroy them. You have one last opportunity to learn about the mysterious workings of the Yellow King. Be warned, however, this knowledge may come at a steep cost: your sanity.

Just when we thought we were rid of those damned artifacts, the obsidian wagon arrived again, bringing more crates of terrifying effigies.

Our facility is once again plagued with strange occurrences: sounds of chanting in the distance; shadows that seem darker than the mere absence of light would permit; and scattered reports of interns laughing maniacally, seemingly without provocation, until they lose consciousness.

Our research into the source of this delivery weaves a strange and unexpected tale, one that we are prepared to offer to you in the spirit of friendship and mercantilism. The narrative reaches deep into the works of Mr. Chambers and those with whom he associated.

It has been made clear that we have an obligation to continue spreading the work of The King in Yellow with those of you who dare to tread in the darkness. Perhaps, with your assistance, we may one day be absolved of this responsibility.

There are very limited quantities available for this encore performance.
Guarantee yours while there is still time. This King in Yellow all-in-one comes with the King in Yellow Book.





Important note: If you are buying this All-in-One experience as a gift, it will be your responsibility to reveal yourself as the gift-giver to the recipient.

Formerly three separate mailings, you will receive one package containing two dramatic artifacts of great potency and import, as well as dangerous but tantalizing literature, documents, and discoveries that shed light on the Yellow King and his acolytes. Everything you require to uncover the truth will be right all your fingertips. All you need to do is decide if you will plunge into this rabbit hole or burn the contents and never look back. Choose wisely.


  • Crate


  • censorship
  • Lovecraftian overtones
  • theatre
  • weird fiction


  • story


  • recommended 14+