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The Demon Jar


  • occult


  • Mature Audiences
Single mailing experience
This Experience includes several puzzles as part of the narrative.

Perform a dangerous ritual to keep a malevolent demon from wreaking havoc and corruption on humanity.

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$189.99 USD

Single shipment products, as well as the first mailing of multi-shipment products, will ship in time to ensure arrival before Christmas.

For thousands of years, since the time of the Celts, the Daughters of Naamah have been waging a secret war against a demonic entity that is hell-bent on corrupting humankind. Using ancient magic, they managed to weaken the demon enough to trap it in jars. All they needed to do after that is to keep a vigilant watch on the jars to make sure they do not get destroyed.

The Daughters failed.

All jars but a few were broken. The demon regained some of its power and the ritual must be performed again to strengthen the bonds that hold it in its clay prison. The ritual is dangerous, and not without great personal risk. You must be very brave, or very foolish, to accept the burden of this responsibility.



Once a year, a demon would take possession of some poor soul and use them to wreak havoc and corruption. Once a year, the Daughters of Naamah find the possessed person, take them to their secret chamber, and use ancient magic to force the demon into a small piece of the victim’s palm where it can be carved out and sealed away in a specially prepared clay vessel. Each time this happens, the demon gets weaker.

As time went by, the demon was finally weak enough so that it could be captured. The Daughters thought it was safe and returned only once a year to cast a ritual to reinforce the seals on the jars. Their vigilance grew lax.

Then in 2015, an archeologist uncovered a secret chamber where, possessed by an unknown force, he began to smash the clay jars within. Luckily, a Daughter managed to stop him before they were all destroyed, and the demon could be freed.

In addition to the impious and eponymous “Demon Jar”, you will receive a cache of artifacts and instruments that will enable you to perform the ritual to keep the demon trapped. We believe you can save us – nay, the world – from the throes of this possession.



The Demon Jar is an intense horror experience. It is not appropriate to send to anyone who might be sensitive to disturbing material, and is recommended for those 16 and older. It includes fictional occult rituals and objects, and therefore may not be appropriate for all audiences.



  • Uncooperative wooden crate
  • The Demon Jar — wax-sealed and bound in a steel cage
  • Candles, chalk, and salt to be used in the binding ritual
  • Documents about the demon
  • Instructions for performing the ritual

    “She enjoyed the adventure (as did I), despite a nightmare or two that may have come her way. The whole experience was expertly executed, and it would be difficult for either of us to be happier with how it turned out.”

    — Elim H.