The Century Beast All-in-One & Colouring Book

The ocean is a cold and unforgiving master. Ancient tales of sailors and explorers survive today in myths, sea shanties, and superstitions. Are these just fabrications that have embedded themselves in the collective subconscious, or is there any truth to them?

Tales of sea monsters were likely sightings of squids, orcas, and other larger creatures of the deep that simply had never been observed before.

Nevertheless, these stories were applied to maps, emblazoned with the phrase here be dragons. Today these warnings are seen as archaic lunacies symptomatic of an age of superstition, but they once held a deeper truth.

The ocean has secrets, dark and ancient secrets, that lie beneath the waves.

With The Century Beast, we share one such tale — a story of the ocean that has taken countless lives; a story told by Vikings and by pirates, by puckish children and oblivious tourists. None of those who have told this tale were left unscathed — all lost to madness and death.

The Century Beast does not make itself known for very long or very often. Our findings are limited. Guarantee yours while there is still time.

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Formerly six separate mailings, you will receive one package containing every possible reference, clipping, and audio evidence of The Century Beast we were able to get our hands on. We also managed to procure a beautiful yet unsettling artifact before it was destroyed, which you will also receive. The tide of this tale is neither prosperous nor comfortable. With this knowledge, one may face similar choices as those who came before them. We strongly recommend recipients learn from those decisions when determining their own course of action. Our advice: the ship is yours to sail.


  • Crate


  • H.P. Lovecraft
  • vikings
  • weird fiction


  • audio
  • story


  • recommended 14+

Martin R. Member since 2015

Just opened the sealed wooden crate from The Century Beast and I am absolutely amazed. All the way through this adventure I have been hugely impressed by the quality of the production and this crescendo is everything I would've hoped.