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The Buried Puppet


  • horror


  • PG13+
Single mailing experience
This Experience features a small number of puzzles peppered within a strong narrative.

Experience a tale about an interrupted childhood, an unlikely friend, and the evil forces small-town tragedies can attract.

Regular price
$99.99 USD

Single shipment products, as well as the first mailing of multi-shipment products, will ship in time to ensure arrival before Christmas.

Beneath the soil, there used to be a crate — buried to hide a secret, dug up to reveal the truth. It smells like earth but you detect a subtle note of something unnatural as well. Curiosity wins over your better judgement. You pick it up off your doorstep and bring this strange crate inside. 

This is how you come to bear the responsibility of Jacob’s confession.

He’s a boy on the cusp of change, moving to a new town after a family tragedy, and he confides in a journal. Between the pages, a horror unfolds, something old and shapeless that underlines every stroke of his pen. 

Uncoiling the mystery of Jacob’s darkness is dangerous. Be careful; or it may consume you too.




Jacob Stelnicki is a young boy recovering from the tragic loss of his mother. He and his father move to the small town of Harrisonburg, Virginia hoping for a fresh start. Unfortunately for Jacob, a sad kid arriving in the middle of the school year, he finds few friends and many foes. The bullies pick on him, his father grows distant, and — if that wasn’t bad enough — he starts seeing ghosts emerging from his bedroom walls. 

His life seems to be spiraling out of control when he meets an unlikely friend: A puppet named Mr. Bellylaugh that was hidden behind his bed. Mr. Bellylaugh is able to keep the ghosts, the bullies, and the loneliness at bay.  

Is this puppet really Jacob’s friend or is there more to him than meets the eye?



The main themes that The Buried Puppet revolves around are isolation, bullying, haunting, and demonic possession. Your recipient will enjoy it if they are fans of horror, the occult, and strange stories set in small-town America. It is unsettling and therefore not suitable for young audiences (under 13) or those with a sensitive constitution.



  • Jacob’s journal: It tells his story and hides a secret code
  • Mr. Bellylaugh the puppet: The main artifact
  • The bully’s inhaler: A secondary artifact
  • Jacob’s library card: Used to gain access to an online library database with which the recipient can decipher the code