Taako’s Correspondence School of Wizardry, Cantrips, & Other Magicks

Schools of Wizardry the world round are known for their exacting standards. Only the most powerful young minds from the noblest families are selected to learn at the most prestigious wizarding schools. Luckily for you — the less discerning enchanter — value-priced options are available.

The Mysterious Package Company is tremulous with excitement and jubilation to bring back our collaboration with The McElroy Family — oldest brother Justin, middlest brother Travis, and sweet baby brother Griffin, alongside their father and radio legend, Clint — creators and performers of The Adventure Zone podcast.

The Adventure Zone is a bi-weekly comedy and adventure podcast based loosely on the popular Dungeons & Dragons game series, along with other role-playing games.

The tale will be told in the MPC Style: through several documents and activities sent to you by post, in addition to an interactive component will allow you to submit your work directly to Taako through a digital Stone of Far Speech! The second correspondence expands the story further and concludes with a unique reward that you can display in your home for all your hard work, making friends jealous and enemies envious. 

The school has very limited registrations open for students. Enrol soon.

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This Experience will be a comedic fantasy tale, which enrols the player in Taako’s completely fictional, ethically dubious magic school. Although this Experience is based on the Adventure Zone: Balance arc, the McElroy family and The Mysterious Package Company have crafted it as an Experience anyone can enjoy. That said, it’s also jam-packed with Adventure Zone references that fans will love, or, at the very least, acknowledge politely.

$74.99 USD



Because we hand-craft some elements of our mailings, there is a lead time of 10-15 business days before your shipment leaves our facility.


  • Crate
  • Crate


  • comedy
  • cooking
  • fantasy
  • Léger de Main


  • activities
  • audio
  • interactive website
  • McElroy Brothers
  • puzzle
  • story


  • ages 10+

Klarg, Bugbear Friend/Foe

I’m very excited about this Experience. Sure, I find that I’m hit-or-miss when it comes to interacting with Taako, but I suppose when you’ve had our history... there’s going to be good days, and then there are days he makes you jump off a motorcycle onto a tank and into a laser beam. I can never stay mad for long.