Surprise Me

First, admit to yourself that it sounds intriguing! Start an adventure without knowing where it will take you.

For some people, foreknowledge of events is a deterrent to enjoyment. For others, indecision gets the better of them. In both cases, allow us to select an Experience for you.

Purchase this offering, and we will randomly ship one of our curated Experiences to you or your recipient, with no forewarning about when it will ship or when it will arrive.

We shall never tell, and you will not know until it arrives.

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Do pay heed that some of our Experiences can be eerie or even frightening, so be careful when sending a Surprise Me to someone who it may not be suitable for.

Do not purchase this if you have a specific Experience you wish to send or receive. The selection of what Experience is truly random, and we do not want you to be disappointed.




Christian G. Member since 2014

A. was impressed by the detail and effort that went into the mystery. The gift you allowed me to give through your own special genius was wonderful! Thank you again for doing exactly what you have claimed and making the mail exciting again.