Quest of the Werejaguar

All tales of adventure are also tales of transformation. When we are confronted with the seemingly impossible, discover challenges in which we can trust, or align ourselves with powerful forces, we are always changed. But some transformations are more startling and dangerous than others.

What kind of adventure will a creature of transformation, a werejaguar, bring?

When the sun sets, the rainforest becomes another world. Senses become heightened. Eerie silences are broken by piercing wails and soft whispers. Eyes follow and reflect light. Within the shadows of the jungle, familiar creatures can suddenly seem strange. Is it trickery of the mind... is something waiting to be discovered... or to discover you?

Deep in the Guatemalan rainforest, archeologists uncover a sacred Maya artifact that reveals the existence of supernatural creatures, once thought to be only legends. To the scientifically-minded archaeologists excavating the site, these tales were mere metaphors or myths. Terry Ortiz, who is on her first official dig, stumbles upon this ancient secret and must search for a worthy beneficiary… someone who can protect the hidden race from those who wish to expose it.

Told over four mailings and a reveal, this Mayan adventure comes to life through field notes, personal observations, and video evidence. Terry recounts a tale of discovery and disbelief, of ancient royalty and modern loyalty. In the end, she must choose a trustworthy soul with whom to entrust a sacred artifact.

The Quest of the Werejaguar is our first extended, customized Experience. The recipient’s details are woven into the mailings to enhance the immersion and impact of the story.



  • Document
  • Document
  • Crate
  • Reveal


  • adventure
  • archaeology
  • history: maya


  • activities
  • epilogue
  • story
  • video


  • ages 6+
  • perfect for families

Gary D. Member since 2016

Thank you for running such an amazing company. I just received my artifact. I sat there with my mouth hanging open in wonderment for many minutes as I contemplated the detail of the piece. It was much more than I had expected.

David L. Member since 2014

The crate... blew my mind. The whole experience was really great and being an archaeologist it's awesome to display the artifact in my office.