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$329.99 USD

Heavily narrative and puzzle focused. High difficulty. Access to internet and modern smartphone or tablet required.

About the app: Kauket Analytics OS is an Augmented Reality companion app for our puzzle-narrative sci-fi horror Nyarlathotep. Long ago in Egypt a great evil came down from the stars. Strange devices were erected and eldritch doors were opened. Hundreds of years later their creations were unearthed. Now, centuries since their genesis, you hold those same artifacts. The App will help you discover their true purpose and their provenance. 

iOS 11 or higher required & 255 MB

Android 11 required & 255 MB



Who can resist the temptation to push past the mundane and explore new and exciting opportunities firsthand? 

Do you have high expectations for your life? Desire more knowledge? Want to travel to unseen places, or have those places come to you? Are you thrilled by the prospect of captivating and thought-provoking work? If your answer to these questions is yes, you may just be the right fit for Kauket Analytics and Operating Systems

We are absolutely elated to present a job unlike any other! Kauket has opened one position in a newly founded research department and is looking for a candidate just like YOU!

Here is a brief excerpt from Kauket themselves about the kind of work you can expect: 

We hire only the most loyal employees. Do not just consider this just another “job.” We want you to stay for a long, long time. 

A basic understanding of cryptography and pattern recognition is required to start, but all other missing experience may be gained on the job.

Don’t take our word for it; here is a testimony from one of our employees:

“I can’t believe the work I’ve done here. I will never forget this experience. I will carry this for the rest of my life.” - Terry Goodman QA

We look forward to bringing you into the fold. Apply today!

This “adventure,” as Kauket has requested we call it, will expose you to strange artifacts, puzzling ciphers and intriguing events, from Egypt to Providence to sunny California. This globe-trotting escapade will transport you to places you never would have imagined you could explore. 

In our first-ever two crate experience, prepare your mind for madness. Puzzles, codes, mazes and mysteries will lead to truths no mortal mind has ever endured. In the end, your job will see you completing the work of a brilliant team who were, alas,  unable to see their project through to its logical conclusion. Where they failed, you will succeed and bring about events that will not only alter the world, but will change you, forever.


Long ago, something fell from the skies above Egypt. Those who gathered at the site of its landing worked tirelessly to create a hidden temple. What was its purpose? Who led these people?

Millennia later, the temple was found. Strange artifacts were recovered, and a terrible fate befell the team which excavated them. But knowledge of what was found had already escaped. A writer plagued by terrible dreams converses with one of those ill-fated archaeologists. The seeds of chaos are planted.

A hundred years after that, a brilliant young man and a team of scientists are determined to discover these old secrets. They will come close...but fail in the end. 

Now, it is your turn. The research, the notes, and all the artifacts are now yours. Using a proprietary app from your new employers, complete the work that all these people, after all these years, have failed to accomplish. The end is inevitable. What part will you play in this intricate, and unsettling two crate experience? All the while you may feel an unseen hand guiding you. A face of stars. The crawling chaos. NYARLATHOTEP...


NYARLATHOTEP is a deeply immersive experience with a darkly twisted story and many puzzles and ciphers. The story includes cults, madness, murder, rituals, ancient Egyptian artifacts, and corporate espionage. It is not suitable for children, or people with a sensitive constitution. The recipient will love this experience if they are fans of horror, weird fiction, ancient Egypt, the word of H.P. Lovecraft, or the Mythos entities Nyarlathotep, Nightgaunts, or Azathoth. The recipient is also sure to enjoy this experience if they have previously enjoyed Hastur, The Century Beast, or any of our cosmic horror experiences. 

Contents: 2 Mailing Experience

  • Digital content throughout
  • Kauket App (For both yourself and your predecessor)
  • Kauket Website (For both yourself and your predecessor)
  • Some hidden items lie within those listed below

Mailing 1

  • Welcome letter
  • Ancient Egyptian Tablet
  • Company coffee mug
  • Personal ID badge
  • Predecessor’s ID badge
  • Obelisk
  • Cigar box (various items)

Mailing 2
  • Predecessor’s journal
  • Photo frame with photos of predecessor’s parents
  • Stone monolith
  • 2 degraded daggers
  • Pen
  • Ancient Egyptian Disc
  • Vassilis Mihos’s notebook
  • Vassilis Mihos’s hand-drawn Map
  • Vassilis Mihos’s letter to his father
  • Note from Dr. Ward