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The King in Yellow

ARCHIVED Find yourself the recipient of an unnamable statue and the Yellow Sign.

Soon to be archived! Get your King before it is too late...

Late one evening, an obsidian wagon drawn by horses of a peculiar colour arrived at our facility. Accompanying it was a small army of hooded hands that wordlessly began to unload artifacts into our depository.

Since then, our facility has been plagued with strange occurrences: sounds of chanting in the distance; shadows that seem darker than the mere absence of light would permit; and scattered reports of interns laughing maniacally, seemingly without provocation, until they lose consciousness.

Our research into the source of this delivery weaves a strange and unexpected tale, one that we are prepared to offer to you in the spirit of friendship and mercantilism. The narrative reaches deeply into the works of Mr. Chambers and those with whom he is associated. It sheds some light upon a single performance of a play that, quite literally, brought the house down. There are consequences to learning about these events; consequences that might lead you to question if what you see could possibly be real, and others that will lead you to wonder if your sanity is beginning to wane.

Despite stringent measures taken, the inscrutable legion has been relentless in leaving these effigies in our facility. As such, we shall continue to share The King in Yellow for as long as the supply of artifacts remains. Perhaps, with your assistance, we may one day be absolved of this responsibility.

The King in Yellow is a unique Experience comprised of three mailings, including two dramatic artifacts of great potency and import, sealed safely within one of our hand-made wooden crates. Rounding out the Experience are numerous weathered and aged background materials, documentation, and esoteric discoveries, which provide knowledge of the Yellow King, his acolytes, and the writings surrounding them. Please, do not be alarmed when a heavy crate thrumming with arcane gravity arrives ominously upon your doorstep!

Note: Our experiences all require lead time prior to shipment. We pride ourselves on quality and we handcraft certain elements of each story. In order to provide the best experience possible, this series of packages has a lead time of 10 or more business days prior to the first shipment going into the post. Arrival times vary depending on location: an average of 7 business days within North America; an additional 2-4 weeks for international orders.



The King in Yellow is steeped in its Weird Fiction roots, which may be unsettling for some.


  • Document
  • Document
  • Crate
  • Reveal


  • censorship
  • Lovecraftian overtones
  • theatre
  • weird fiction


  • story


  • recommended 14+

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