Filigree in Shadow

In Victorian London, spiritualism and occult rumours run rampant. After decades of terrible events, a house built by mad hands is coaxed into revealing a past of deceit, lies, and malice.

Over time, a house may forge a personality of its own. These evolving temperaments usually have little to do with the building itself. Instead, it is the actions and emotions of those who grow, inhabit, or maintain the space which shapes its characteristics and perceptions.

Other houses do not take kindly to the assignment of character. They prefer instead to impose a reaction upon their residents. One house may intimate a feeling of creativity due to an architectural quirk. Another might seem creepy on account of old drafty hallways and the banging of old pipes. These houses’ personalities are imbued with elements of the structure itself.

There is also a third type of house. Families enter whole and leave in pieces. Some say these houses can resist change and that they are aware of their occupants. Tales vary from spectral beings frightening occupants to the manipulation or coercion of residents to do evil to themselves or others. Families come and go, each shouting tales of horrific sightings and strange sounds in an attempt to warn future inhabitants and neighbours alike.

It was a studious intern who made connections between seemingly unrelated documents in our archive. That led us to investigate the house at the centre of our Filigree in Shadow tale. We dug in thoroughly, expecting to find stories of fake hauntings and easily-explained frights. Nothing could have prepared us for the chilling truth we discovered.

Tales of "The House" stretch back before spiritualism swept across Great Britain and North America. Some speculate that this very site was the inspiration for Walpole, Poe, and all those who brought the haunted genre to literature. One thing is certain: this house has a will of its own.

Filigree in Shadow is a thriller inspired by the ghost stories of the Victorian era. The tale is told over three mailings, through letters, images, photographs and much more. It concludes with an artifact as creepy as it is alluring. Even more, this stunning artifact arrives in a deluxe version of our signature wooden crate that is much more cooperative and impressive.

Filigree in Shadow was first made available on Kickstarter in 2016. It currently sits as the #2 most-funded mixed media campaign and the #9 art campaign of all time.

ALLERGY ALERT: This Experience contains dried lavender




  • Document
  • Document
  • Document
  • Crate
  • Reveal


  • haunted house
  • thriller
  • victorian


  • epilogue
  • puzzle
  • story


  • recommended 18+

Amanda F. Member since 2016

I was and remain, blown away not only by each mailing, but also the experience as a whole.

Edward T. Member since 2015

At risk of sounding sycophantic, you have completely outdone yourself with this experience.