Curios and Conundrums Volume IV

For those who prefer their collections complete, Volume 4 now ships with all Curios, and its original packaging.

Curios and Conundrums Volume IV now bundled together.

Volume IV studies into the ideas that fascinate us on the level of childlike wonder, yet also mortify us at the most visceral level of existential dread. And each comes with delightful papercraft, peculiar periodicals, and a pewter Prestige Collectible designed to display for all to see.* Included with this collection are all four issues of Volume 4 of Curios and Conundrums:

In Gods of Madness, we'll guide you through the curious world of Victorian England. This collection of curiosities, oddities and cursed artifacts is designed, manufactured and curated by the same minds who travel the globe, seeking the documents and objects behind our experiences.

Mind control. Manipulation. Re-animation. The Brain Butchers investigates it all in this collection of cerebral oddities of the oblongata. We also include heady artifacts, all designed, manufactured, and distributed by the same experts who develop our Experiences.

H.G. Wells changed our perception of space and time with a single act: he devised a machine to let us travel through both. With a century of theories, literature, and science from which to draw, Clockwork Mutineers investigates the hazards of time dilation, the complications of riding through hyperspace, and the paradoxes associated with wormholes.

A planetary event, such as the Chicxulub impactor that killed the dinosaurs, or the airburst the equivalent of 15 megatons that flattened trees during the Tunguska Event in Russia, is certain to happen again. With our technology, we may even be able to predict it. Find out in Countdown to Oblivion!

These back issues shall remain available for only as long as supplies last.

* You may become entranced by the beauty of the pewter Prestige Collectible, so do not forget, I cannot stress this enough, that it is likely inspired by something so horrifying. Either way, your guests will be able only to react with shrieks. You will have to deduce whether to tell them more, or catch them as they faint.

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Jill O. Member since 2016

I just wanted to say thank you to whoever you are for creating Curios and Conundrums. Moments of joy are savored so much... Curios and Conundrums has been an escape and a gift.