Stories from our members

I love The Mysterious Package Company and am proud to have sent their packages to easily disturbed friends.

Neil Gaiman

It chilled me to my core. Absolutely stellar in every way.

Neil Patrick Harris

I stumbled on the MPC thanks to a Facebook ad, but I've been in love with it ever since. I sent Tempus Fugit to my little brother for Christmas, I sent my wife The Weeping Book and she and I have spent so many happy evenings destroying the C&C paper trying to wrest every last clue from it. I think the ability to add mystery to people's lives, especially in an age where wonder seems so easily dispelled by technology, is a wonderful gift.

I can't say it loudly enough: The Mysterious Package Company makes THE BEST presents, X-mas or otherwise, imaginable.

Chris Burnham
Bestselling artist of Batman Incorporated

The package managed to balance the art of theatre with beautifully made props alongside the powerful engagement factors of mystery and storytelling, in order to deliver an experience that was quite unlike anything I've ever experienced before.

Samantha Clarke
Member since 2016

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and appreciated my adventurous involvement with The Mysterious Package Company. The entire mysterious experience may have made others feel uneasy, but it was the greatest gift I've ever received. The level of detail in each package really gave the essence of the past and specifically made for me. It felt like my life was anything but ordinary and I was living in some kind of creepy detective novel. I absolutely loved it!

The journey just ended with the revealing of my brother responsible for the madness. I’m sad that it’s over, but excited to be a member now and will enjoy exploring. The Mysterious Package Company’s dark and ingeniously creative innovation excited my mind with endless imagination. Keep up the exceptional work and thank you again for the incredible journey.

Ashley M.
Recipient, and Member since 2016

It’s such a huge step out of your normal, everyday life. It is a huge step. For awhile, your life gets really interesting.

Janine F.
Member since 2012

It has just turned midnight on the South Coast of England and have just opened the sealed wooden crate from the Diamond Kickstarter of "The Century Beast" and I am absolutely amazed. All the way through this adventure I have been hugely impressed by the quality of the production and this crescendo is everything I would've hoped. I cannot recommend The Mysterious Package Company enough. Bravo!

The MPC has a bunch of different experiences that they offer, scaled to a wide range of budgets. Their work is beautiful. Everything is aged appropriately, foxed and folded and dog-eared to perfection. Suspension of disbelief is effortless. This is the ideal gift for fans of The Weird, mystery and puzzle junkies, or somebody you want to scare into an early, screaming grave. Highest Recommendation.

Christopher Hickey
Recipient, 2016

Today, everything is easily accessible. A click away. Any question can be answered almost immediately, with reasonable accuracy. Nothing isn’t spoiled on social media, or picked over with a fine-toothed comb on Reddit. The scarcest resource has become... surprise. And when we do encounter surprises, they're always bad surprises. A robot that does your job, or a corporate data breach, or a ghastly Internet troll. The Mysterious Package Company offers delightful, affirmative surprise, surprise that remains surprising even when you know that it’s coming.

Ian Bogost
Author, game designer

I received a phone call from my cousin today, shouting in joy that i have been revealed as the sender of all the mystery packages they have been receiving.

I could hear my Aunt, the recipient of the experience, weeping in the background. I asked if she was okay, and was brought to tears when I realized she was overjoyed at the very thought of someone caring enough to make this happen for her. They then told me of all the investigating they have done, using; white boards, maps with thumb tacks wrapped in thread and even a friend that spoke Cantonese, which all helped feed the wonderful mystery.

They absolutely loved every moment of it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this happen, your service has been outstanding.

Stacey J
Member since 2015

In past days, Jonah and I scoured these letters even visiting the police station and the United States Post Office. “We think these are real,” they both said.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you put into this. It was an amazing experience, even though it was a vicarious experience for me. One of the best gifts I've ever been able to give, and for that I'm eternally grateful.

John M.
Member since 2015

The crate is beautiful - I really appreciated the old mailing label, the beautiful wood burning, and the combination of craftsmanship and just enough roughness to add verisimilitude.

Heather P.
Member since 2014

I sincerely thank you for your service. My brother was ecstatic going through the mailings and piecing the mystery together! He suspects I'm the culprit but he is 100% thrilled with the experience and so am I.

Steven S.
Member since 2015

It's the most modern, old-fashioned, utterly brilliant way to delight and confound your friends, loved ones, and strangers you admire from afar. I think about my mysterious package often, really often, which is about the finest thing you could say about a gift.

Todd Babiak
Author of Come Barbarians

Telling these stories to other people and bringing them into your life, this is what it’s about. You’ll have these stories for the rest of your life to tell people.

Alana P.
Member since 2014

I love everything that you do, and I admire you so much for making this company happen.

Eva S.
Member since 2015

D____ received his letter this morning, perfect timing, as both my sons were home when he came over to thank us and show us all his mailings and the final artifact. I must compliment you and your team on a wonderful mysterious package. He was absolutely gobsmacked by the experience, even more so that it was a present from us.

Joel D.
Member since 2013

My husband has been completely enamoured of this whole story. He has loved the journey and the exploration and I think we will both be sad to see it end. It's given him an opportunity to make better friends with a Russian gentleman from work who's helped translate and provide additional background and context to the details you have provided.

I thank you most humbly for bringing us on this wonderful journey!

Member since 2015

I highly recommend The Mysterious Package Company to anyone who enjoys the unknown!

Mark Meer
Actor, voice of Commander Shepard, Mass Effect

The most fun I’ve had with mail since play by mail RPGs.

Rob Pardo
Lead designer of World of Warcraft