Spread the Dread this Holiday Season

As the nights get brighter with red and green lights, turn your dread into a celebration of the unexpected, the unusual, and the unique.

Here are some of our (newest) traditions. We hope you enjoy joining in our Dread Holiday celebration. The contents below will be revealed during the final weeks of the season, so check back regularly for updates.


A holiday tale about a young girl and her cat… a Dread Holiday tale. Parents, please read this yourselves before sharing with your children.

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Ornament: Yule Goat

The opinions expressed by the Yule Goat about his former friend Santa Claus do not necessarily reflect those of the Mysterious Package Company, its members, craftspeople, or the Curator.

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The Dark Wassail

The Curator's favourite winter beverage, and a perfect way to warm up by the cauldron on a cold winter's night!

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Ornament: Krampus

Out of respect for the creature known as Krampus, this introduction will avoid any and references to style, one’s style, your style, writers, brains, any muscle group in the human body, and most importantly, eating and/or swimming. We thank you for your understanding

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Ornament: Mirror

The third ornament in our series depicting the important figures of the Dread Holidays. Some assembly required. Instructions included.

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Meal: The Cockatrice

Move over Turducken. Step aside, rôti sans pareil! And as for you, dear member… you should call your butcher… and we hope you’re on very good terms with them!

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Carol Rust

Following in the ancient holiday tradition of “Stealing the melody and changing the words” we present to you “Carol Rust,” sung to the tune of Stardust (Made popular by everyone, though we will give Willie Nelson the credit)

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