The Lost Treasure of John Augur

In the early 18th century, the most disreputable dregs ever to sail the high seas carry out an impressive heist together.

Hunt for the Forgotten Tomb

From London to Cairo to the Western Desert of Egypt, a brave adventurer races toward her destiny.

Vulcan Dragon

Stories of dragons have long been relegated to the realm of legend and fantasy, yet we have evidence to the contrary. In partnership with the Global Cryptozoological Society, we are now ready to share this evidence with all who have an interest in these formidable cryptids.

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Taako’s Correspondence School & Sizzling Chef Bundle

Schools of Wizardry the world round are known for their exacting standards. Only the most powerful young minds from the noblest families are selected to learn at the most prestigious wizarding schools. Luckily for you — the less discerning enchanter — value-priced options are available.