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Our Curated Experiences 

Stories told through the mail over weeks or months, consisting of a series of mailings with carefully crafted documents and artifacts designed to lure you deeper into the tale we are telling.
The Crate of Cthulhu & Challenge Coin

That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons, even death may die. A remarkable new artifact that is not from this Earth, and a tale you will soon want to forget.

Save $46.66

The Lovecraft Bundle

For March Madness, we offer a bundle of two Lovecraftian experiences that tell tales of those who were driven over the edge of sanity.

Post Mortem LA: Lights, Camera, Murder!

Despite countless death scenes filmed in Hollywood, none have prepared Tinseltown for the two bodies found on the set of a new movie. Do you have what it takes to solve the grisly crime in this hard-boiled murder mystery?

Save $20

The Century Beast All-in-One & Colouring Book

It has not been a century yet, but the Beast has returned. History is destined to repeat itself… and engulf those who dig too deeply into its darkest secrets. Now available as a single shipment. Limited quantities available.

Save $50

CARCOSA: Rise of the Cult & Challenge Coin

A terrifying look into what can happen when the hive mentality takes on a mind of its own.

Told over three mailings and an epilogue.

The Weeping Book

Best suited for those with resilient spirits and an undying thirst for the occult, this is by far the scariest of all our experiences – we’ve heard rumours that some recipients have gone so far as to have their book exorcised.

Contains one main shipment and a reveal sent a week later.

The King in Yellow All-in-One

Creeping out of the shadows, The King in Yellow awakens again. Find yourself the recipient of an unnamed statue and the Yellow Sign. Now available as a single shipment.

Save $999,925.01

Taako’s Correspondence School of Wizardry, Cantrips, & Other Magicks

Schools of Wizardry the world round are known for their exacting standards. Only the most powerful young minds from the noblest families are selected to learn at the most prestigious wizarding schools. Luckily for you — the less discerning enchanter — value-priced options are available.

Hunt for the Forgotten Tomb All-in-One

From London to Cairo to the Western Desert of Egypt, a brave adventurer races toward her destiny.

Filigree in Shadow

Everyone knows someone who has a haunted house story. Participate in this experience and you’ll join their ranks – for better or worse.

Revealed over the course of three mailings.

The Lost Treasure of John Augur

In the early 18th century, the most disreputable dregs ever to sail the high seas carry out an impressive heist together.

Tempus Fugit

Wherein the very fabric of time and space must to be altered in order to bring a loved one home.