The Demon Jar All-in-One

An all-encompassing supernatural experience that has driven some to madness – and others with stronger dispositions to the truth. We bring this special encounter to you, a lucky few who dare peel back the layers of the tale, at the center of which lies a malevolent spirit hellbent on dominance.

We’ve been holding onto this secret for so long – so long that it’s sometimes hard to believe it ever actually occurred. Since the moment the Daughter stepped into our lives, nothing has been the same.

It was a warm day when the Daughter arrived at our facility. Nevertheless, there was a chill in the air when she sat before us, and the caged jar she placed upon the table emanated a strange, frosty malevolence.

An intern, drawn inexplicably to the sinister object, tried to open it but was quickly scolded by our guest. “It stays locked,” she warned, striking his hand away sharply with a switch. “Locked.”

The cold-rolled steel cage must remain sealed, the Daughter continued, for there was a demon within the jar inside or part of one, anyway – and if left in the wrong hands its power knows no bounds.  

Luckily, you can help. In addition to the impious and eponymous “Demon Jar”, we’ve discovered a cache of artifacts and instruments we believe will save us – nay, the world – from the throes of this possession. And now you can aid us in our plight to rid this plane of existence of a curse that is … well, you, unfortunately, may just find out.

Note: Formerly three separate mailings, you’ll receive The Demon Jar in one extraordinary delivery, perfect for binging on a cold, dark weekend. Your package will supply you with everything you need to forge an adventure of unprecedented proportions over the course of approximately seven days – all from the comfort of your darkened basement, macabre attic or subterranean cave.

$189.99 USD



The Demon Jar is an intense horror experience. It is not appropriate to send to anyone who might be sensitive to disturbing material, and is recommended for those 16 and older. It includes fictional occult rituals and objects, and therefore may not be appropriate for all audiences.


  • Crate


  • demonology
  • halloween
  • occult


  • activities
  • story


  • Not for the faint of heart
  • recommended 16+

Elim H. Member since 2013

She enjoyed the adventure (as did I), despite a nightmare or two that may have come her way. The whole experience was expertly executed, and it would be difficult for either of us to be happier with how it turned out.