Filigree in Shadow

Many years ago, a series of traumatic incidents, strung together with the thread of their victims’ screams, imparted a character upon a house. This house, though silent and sturdy in its own right, brought instability and turbulence to its inhabitants and neighbourhood alike.

“The House.” A titular name for a titan force. It takes years for any person or thing, let alone a building, to earn a moniker that represents its entire species. For a force such as “The House”, its rise to nominal stardom did not take very long at all.

One could argue this particular building is the spitting image of what comes to mind when the term “haunted house” is uttered: a Victorian-era homestead, tall and stately and regal looking. The type of house that chills you just to look at; the type of house that has a personality and, by extension, a personal agenda.

It was a studious intern who made connections between seemingly unrelated documents in our archive, leading us to investigate the house at the centre of our Filigree in Shadow tale. We dug in thoroughly, expecting to find stories of fake hauntings and easily-explained frights. Nothing could have prepared us for the chilling truth we discovered.

Whether you live squarely in the Midwest or in the darkest corner of the Bermuda Triangle, Filigree in Shadow will transport you to this forlorn location through three mailings and with the aid of photographs, clippings, memos and more. If you loved House on Haunted Hill, this one’s for you.

Filigree in Shadow was first made available on Kickstarter in 2016. It currently sits as the #2 most-funded mixed media campaign and the #9 art campaign of all time.

Note: If you’ve previously participated in Filigree in Shadow, you may notice a few subtle differences. To ensure the quality of the experience remains to our high standards (and yours) and in an effort to lower the price point, and to make it accessible to even more horror fans, a few elements of the original kit have been omitted. It’s also been streamlined for a more consistent experience.

$299.99 USD



  • Document
  • Document
  • Crate
  • Reveal


  • haunted house
  • thriller
  • victorian


  • epilogue
  • puzzle
  • story


  • recommended 18+

Amanda F. Member since 2016

I was and remain, blown away not only by each mailing, but also the experience as a whole.

Edward T. Member since 2015

At risk of sounding sycophantic, you have completely outdone yourself with this experience.