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Hunt for the Forgotten Tomb All-in-One

Buried by time and forgotten by history, the greatest treasures of an ancient civilization await discovery: riches beyond wealth and power beyond life.

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For epochs, an ancient, unknown god waited to be discovered, buried under the sands of Egypt.

Then, one day, with the unravelling of a mummy’s gauze, a deity’s tomb was revealed to an Egyptologist. The search for this tomb and the fate of the Egyptologist has somehow been lost again to time.

Now, years later, a letter from an obscure executor of a will has only just found you, delivered with the contents of a strange bequest that’s been preserved for decades. Untouched for decades, the story of a lost tomb near Egypt’s Dakhla Oasis emerges from photographs, academic papers, tomb logs, and newspaper clippings. A strange knucklebone artifact and tomb markings suggest a location waiting to be discovered on an old survey map provided.

Can you follow the trail and uncover the lost tomb? Can you endure the trials of a land forgotten by time and live to tell the tale?





Important note: If you are buying this All-in-One experience as a gift, it will be your responsibility to reveal yourself as the gift-giver to the recipient.

Formerly four separate mailings, you will receive one package containing an Egyptologist’s old papers, a strange mummy unwrapping party invitation that dates to 1914, and a clay scarab decorated with markings of great significance. We wish you luck on your expedition.


  • Crate


  • adventure
  • egyptology
  • hidden treasure
  • history


  • activities
  • epilogue
  • one-crate
  • story


  • ages 10+