Yuletide Horrors: Dread Holidays Cards

Dread Holidays are a time for trolls, goat-demons, and monstrous cats seeking to devour those still dressed in last season’s fashion. Falalalala lala la la…

Christmas cards are usually adorned with baubles, gifts, and the visage of dear smiling St. Nick. And yet, Yuletide is not without its horrors.

For among the carols and candy canes, the hot chocolate and holly, lie old traditions to ward off the darkness that haunts this most wonderful time of the year. The Dread Holiday Christmas Cards pay tribute to four ghastly Yuletide creatures, featuring beautiful illustrations and brief histories of the myths. There is also good advice in there about how to avoid becoming a victim of these monstrosities.

You will receive five of each Yuletide Horror card and twenty seals to embellish your envelopes. Send them to your loved ones and fill their holiday with Dread.

$24.99 USD