The Brain Butchers

Thought provoking tales and unforgettable collectibles that explore mind control from revenants to espionage.

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Whether a war is cold or fought over kings, queens, rooks and pawns, rest assured, minds are being read.

Mind control. Manipulation. Re-animation. Curios & Conundrums investigates it all in this collection of cerebral
oddities of the oblongata. We also include heady artifacts, all designed, manufactured, and distributed by the same experts who develop our Experiences.

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Tori D. Member since 2015

I loved it! The newspaper was so well researched, and put together beautifully. I took my time to read it and enjoyed it immensely. The artifact was so cool, I immediately looked it up to see just what it was.

Eryl R. Member since 2017

What a fun package! Really I couldn't be more pleased with the attention to detail and the amount of thought and creativity that went into this.