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CARCOSA: Rise of the Cult

Science contends that there is no secret universe in the stars and no higher purpose to the heavens. We know of at least one man who has evidence to the contrary, but his story is too sinister to be real. Or is it?

Signs of a secret society honouring the Yellow King have loomed for generations. Its members preach about the destruction of this world in order to transcend to another.

We have distanced ourselves from this sect, dismissing it as a group of fanatics whose beliefs have long since faded into obscurity. As fans of the arcane, however, we continued to document their statements and observe their actions, in case the threat turned out to be real.

We came across some shocking information, lost inside a shipping warehouse amid dusty boxes and forgotten packages, and we feel duty-bound to get that material to its intended recipient. Admittedly, even we are somewhat unsettled by the strange happenings surrounding this discovery. Enclosed within is “evidence” of an unsupportable nature and a story too improbable to be true. Sound minds assure us there is nothing to fear, but implausible opinions remain so only until they become widespread.

We leave it with you to decide for yourself what is true and whom to believe.

Rise of the Cult is told over three mailings and an epilogue. Through a series of letters, documents and pictures, two sides of the story unravel. It ends with an artifact so horrifying it must be packaged by blindfolded interns in a pitch-black facility. It is sure to leave you aghast and alarmed.

Rise of the Cult is not appropriate to send to anyone who might be sensitive to the disturbing material and is recommended for those 16 and older. Our goal is to create an eerie but enjoyable Experience, not to frighten vulnerable individuals. If you have any doubts about whether your recipient will enjoy such an Experience, please do not send them Rise of the Cult, or make sure you can supervise their experience.




Rise of the Cult is rooted in Weird Fiction and involves distressing themes and beings. It is not for the faint of heart or those likely to become concerned for the safety of their family and friends.


  • Document
  • Document
  • Crate
  • Reveal


  • cults
  • H.P. Lovecraft
  • paranoia/fear
  • weird fiction


  • activities
  • epilogue
  • story


  • ages 18+

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