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Unique offerings exclusive to The Mysterious Package Company.
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Curios and Conundrums Volume IV

For those who prefer their collections complete, Volume 4 now ships with all Curios, and its original packaging.

Save $10

Gods of Madness

Twisted tales and unimaginable collectibles that explore the world of madness in Victorian London.

Save $10

The Brain Butchers

Thought provoking tales and unforgettable collectibles that explore mind control from revenants to espionage.

Save $10

Clockwork Mutineers

Mind-bending tales and space-twisting collectibles that take you on an exploration of time travel.

Save $10

Countdown to Oblivion

Catastrophic collectibles and suspenseful tales asking the questions in anticipation of the ultimate conclusion.

Challenge Coin - The Lost Treasure of John Augur

Designed to commemorate The Lost Treasure of John Augur, prove membership loyalty when challenged, and to enhance morale.

Challenge Coin - Hunt for the Forgotten Tomb

Designed to commemorate Hunt for the Forgotten Tomb, prove membership loyalty when challenged, and to enhance morale.

Save $2.50

Challenge Coin - CARCOSA: Rise of the Cult

Designed to commemorate Rise of the Cult, prove membership loyalty when challenged, and to enhance morale.

Save $12.50

Challenge Coin - Taako's Correspondence School of Wizardry, Cantrips & Other Magicks

The only all-in-one source of spell-like protection with the power to repel challenges in the non-wizarding world

Egyptian Pewter Obelisk

A must-have prestige collectable add-on to the Hunt for the Forgotten Tomb. Reproduction of a 3,500-year-old obelisk (one of Cleopatra's Needles) that once guarded the Temple of Ra-Atum. Unclear whether detailing depicts that which has already transpired or that which is to come. Origin and date unknown.

Save $20

Apocalypse Wow Loot-bag

From apocalyptic party planning to surviving as a zombie, we have you covered with this kit guaranteed to chase away the morbs and put a smile on any mutant’s… face?

Save $20

The Sticky Loot-bag

They’re so wonderful. I want to share these with the world, BUT NOT BY VANDALIZING PUBLIC PROPERTY!

Save $20

The Gluttony Loot-bag

aka. A Victorian Dinner: A Victorian Breakfast 2

Save $20

Pins & Papery Loot-bag II

Collectors items you didn’t even know you wanted!

Save $20

Pins & Papery Loot-bag I

Collectors items you didn’t even know you wanted!

Save $34.99

Pewter Prestige Loot-bag

Three prestige collectibles made of pewter that you can find nowhere else on Earth.

Save $20

Games Eve Loot-bag

Games. Mostly based around passing blame. Blame Games!

Save $20

L'Assemblage Loot-bag

Some build skyscrapers of glass and steel while others cabins of wood and mud, but give them each papercraft and we’ll test the true patience of a person.

Save $5

Old Ways is Good Ways — Tee Shirt

This shirt was devised to accompany the creepiest of our Experiences, The Weeping Book. Beware to all who wear it...

Save $20

MPC Ringer — Tee Shirt

MPC tee created for the 2016 Membership Kit

Save $20

Madness in the Library — Tee Shirt

Created as part of the 2016 Membership kits, this tee will drive you mad

Save $20

Colours That Kill — Tee Shirt

These dyes will never run! Designed for Gods of Madness, Ch 4.1 of Curios & Conundrums, we think this shirt can stand-up to any butcher

Save $20

Clocks & Typewriters — Tee Shirt

This typographically horological tee was created for our 2015 Membership Kits