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Regular price
$379.97 USD



Heavily narrative and puzzle focused. High difficulty. Access to internet required.


Complimentary Bundle 

  • Complimentary King In Yellow Statue & Book $79.99 (Free with coupon) 
  • Complimentary HASTUR Challenge Coin $24.99   (Free with coupon)
  • MPC Complimentary Shipping Rate for USA/CA $19.99 (Reg.$56.99) 



What happens when you buy a ticket to a play that can never be seen? 
What calamity arises when you invoke the name of the Yellow King?
What will become of a world that only you can save?

Discover these terrible truths in one of the most immersive, ambitious, tactile, and terrifying experiences we have ever been a part of. 

In partnership with Phantom of Truth Productions, The Mysterious Package Company presents a one-night-only performance of “The King in Yellow” — a play so boundless it could change the fabric of existence. And there’s only one seat left. 

Should you claim that last ticket, you’ll receive far more than a night at the theatre. Instead, you’ll get the fearsome adventure of a lifetime — one spanning centuries, crossing universes, testing the bounds of sanity... 

It will, in fact, be all you can do to withstand the ochre madness — at least long enough to save us all, or serve us up to HASTUR.  


First arrives a ticket, addressed to you, for a performance that has already happened. You may know that “The King in Yellow” is a forbidden demonic play that makes the audience go mad. Or you may not. But as you begin to follow up, your frustration at missing the play in question turns to relief as it seems something beastly and fatal occurred during the performance. There is an ongoing investigation, and apparently you are a person of interest. You receive strange emails to this effect that pull you deeper into the darkest of rabbit holes. Then, all of a sudden, a large wooden crate arrives. 

The crate is full of strange things: relics, rune scrolls, star-charts, a statue, a dossier of papers streaked with blood, and some even curiouser items. It will be up to you to decipher these objects — to figure out what they mean and how they fit together. But there is much more at stake here than simply solving a mystery. Amidst ancient rituals to be performed, intergalactic codes to be broken, and portals to be opened (both online and among the stars) the deepest and deadliest of decisions must be made: Will you bring HASTUR forth, or will you hold him far? Will you save the world, or help destroy it? 

The choice is yours in one of the most intense, disturbing, and elaborate adventures you’ll ever experience. We can only pray you’ll make the right decision. 


HASTUR is an immersive experience with a complex storyline and numerous puzzle aspects. The narrative involves demonic cults, murder, rituals, and suicide. It is not suitable for children, or people with a sensitive constitution. Your recipient will love it if they are fans of horror, the dark arts, demonology, the work of Robert Chambers and H.P. Lovecraft, the cult of Carcosa, Cthulhu, or the King in Yellow. 

    HASTUR Contents: 2 Mailing Experience

    • Digital components (throughout)
    • Ticket Treasure site
    • Phantom of Truth site
    • SRDA electronic form

    HASTUR Mailing 1

    • Play ticket
    • Letter from Ticket Treasure

    HASTUR Mailing 1.5

    • Online electronic form experience (entered by player)

    HASTUR Mailing 2

    • Playbill
    • Research Dossier
    • Statue
    • Star map
    • Ritual bowl
    • 5 Cylinder Seals
    • Wood-framed clay tablet
    • Glass vial
    • Complex dial mechanic
    • Instructional scroll
    • 5 Illuminated pages