Beautiful artifacts befitting the most rarefied reliquaries. These captivating antiquities are accompanied by stories of their provenance and relevant accoutrements.
Vulcan Dragon

Stories of dragons have long been relegated to the realm of legend and fantasy, yet we have evidence to the contrary. In partnership with the Global Cryptozoological Society, we are now ready to share this evidence with all who have an interest in these formidable cryptids.

The Crate of Cthulhu & Challenge Coin

That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons, even death may die. A remarkable new artifact that is not from this Earth, and a tale you will soon want to forget.

The Demon Jar All-in-One

Back by popular demand, this twisted tale takes you on a hair-raising journey that will expose you to the unexpected, terrifying truths of demonology.

Now available as a single shipment. Limited quantities available.